I put this site together because I love upskirt views and catching a glimpse of women flashing their undies in public but couldn't find any sites where the women showed enough underwear - just loads of skin and bare pussy. If you are like me and think that a flash of stocking top or suspenders or bra can be as much a turn on, if not more, than a naked woman walking down the street then we have something in common.

Most of the ladies on this site have never done anything like this before.

There's no script. Each of the girls knew they were going to be flashing the day of the shoot but we just played it by ear. Sometimes the girl took some real persuading, other times they loved it, but as each shoot progressed you can see from the girls and womens faces that they are getting turned on by taking their clothes off in public. For those that I convinced to play with a toy you can see the jucies flowing proving how hot they got!

Some I can get to show everything; others are less forthcoming but as I said at the beginning I think just seeing underwear on display especially in public can be a real turn on.

Ages range from 21 to about 60 (she was a bit coy about telling me exactly how old she was!)

Here's a excerpt from one of the early shoots I did with Marlyn. She really is a star and loved showing off as you will see. Just click on the photo to download the clip.


I update the site weekly with videos 1280 x 720 all lasting at least 7 minutes and many around 20 minutes.

Here's just a small selection of video grabs from some of the many videos inside.


Come and join the fun.

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